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Why Choose Us

While we know many have chosen chain pharmacies to meet their prescription drug needs, we believe that the level of service at Delray Shores Pharmacy has made all the difference. As the longest standing, family-owned, independent pharmacy in Delray Beach, we have cherished the opportunity to be a part of this great city, and we strive for excellence in providing the best care we can to our local community and beyond. Whether you are looking for a traditional retail pharmacy, have custom medication needs, or are interested in adherence packaging, we would love for the opportunity to work with you in your health journey! 

We offer great compliance programs and invest in our state-of-the-art compounding lab because we are a pharmacy family that cares about you — not as a number, but as a person. We listen, laugh, cry, hug, pray, and just live life with our patients.  We are here to support and encourage you every step of the way. We believe the importance of good health cannot be overstated as it can dramatically impact all areas of your life. Investing in solutions to make good health easier for our patients is an easy decision to make every time.

In a world where people move fast and technology moves even faster, we continue strive to provide the perfect marriage of new-age pharmacy service with old-fashioned charm. Most importantly, we keep the focus where it should be — you.

While Delray Shores Pharmacy has always provided medications at discount prices, free local delivery service, and expert medication advice, what has truly separated us from the average pharmacy is our emphasis on the customer “experience”. Our reputation has, is, and always will be built on the foundation that people deserve exceptional service when it comes to their health and medications. This means going above and beyond for our patients and treating them like they are family.


With advancements in technology, the implementation of added-value products and wellness services, and our focus on re-creating the old-fashioned pharmacy experience, Delray Shores Pharmacy & Soda Fountain strives to always be the best pharmacy in town. 

New-Age Pharmacy Service with Old-Fashioned Charm

Get to Know Our Team

Our History

Delray Shores Pharmacy is the longest standing, family-owned, independent pharmacy in Delray Beach. Founded in 1975 by late pharmacist Thom Dildine and his wife Carol, Delray Shores Pharmacy quickly became “the” pharmacy in town and a staple among the medical community. 

Originally located on Lake Ida Road, just west of Congress Avenue, Delray Shores Pharmacy moved into its second location within the Congress Commerce Center in 2004. With Thom Sr. retiring in early 2006, the torch was passed to his son and the 2nd generation of the legacy commenced. Having grown up in the pharmacy as a child and later working beside his father as an adult, T.J. was able to learn and absorb many skills pertaining to the practice of pharmacy that cannot be taught in school. Those father-son experiences created the ability to offer something extra special for our patients and their healthcare needs.

Fast forward to 2017, Delray Shores Pharmacy has relocated once again into a brand new building at 124 NE 5th Avenue in downtown Delray Beach. The new building was named The Flossy B. Building, after pharmacist and owner T.J. and his wife's daughter. This new pharmacy location also brought a new addition to the family-owned business - “The Foxworth Fountain”, an old-fashioned soda fountain serving classic hand-stirred sodas, egg creams, and ice cream floats in addition to creative breakfast and lunch items. 

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